Pedro Virgílio Cunha is a Portuguese artist with a huge body of work in the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and other media, developed along the last 20 years. While studying architecture, he explored the plasticity of three-dimensional spaces, projecting buildings as habitable sculptures, while at the same time initiating the pursuit of his mostly self-taught path in painting, his media of choice in creative exploration. Since 1990 he has had several solo exhibitions (Galeria Vértice, Rentagallery, LxFactory, Galeria Bozart), mainly in Lisbon, his home town, having also participated in several collective projects. In May 2010 he founded in Lisbon the independent art collective Galeria Nómada, that among other projects has been since February 2011 in Oporto, creating and putting in practice an experimental project of art residences called Casa Amarela, where he worked as a resident artist from May to December.
Besides this last experience in contact with the public in a daily Open Studio format, he has also made several live painting performances in Portugal and also in New York, where he was invited by Local Project Gallery to do a mural project in July 2010.
In 2011, he was invited by the German artist Hildegard Weber for a collaboration project in BBK– Stapelhaus of Cologne. In July he participated in the Open Studios in a collaborative installation of painting and video and during the month of September they exhibited an installation project that united his painting with her photography, video and sound.
Pedro’s work shows a bold experimental attitude, exploring the potentials of different materials and media, with an intense freedom in the use of form and color, guided by an empiric and intuitive process, alongside an astonishing work capacity and quickness of execution.



Maria Sofia Xavier is also an architect. Part of her plural disciplinary formation, her interest and studies extended to photography (Maumaus), drawing and painting (ARCO), theater (Ofecena), contact improvisation and dance (CEM), all situated in Lisbon.
She collaborated in several independent cultural structures in Lisbon, getting in contact with their structural functioning (Experimenta Design, Casa dos Dias D’Agua, Fábrica Braço de Prata), working as production assistance with Portuguese Lomography and LxFactory.
Since 2010 she has been collaborating with Pedro Cunha; producing, curating his exhibitions (2010_LxFactory(May/Jul); Galeria Bozart(Oct/Dec), and assisting in 2011_BBK (Sep), while at the same time organizing and documenting his body of work as well as building the artist’s web site. Also founder and member of Galeria Nómada collective, she has participated actively as an artist and in the production and communication of the different independent projects as Flying House Colective Studio in Lisbon(2010) and Casa Amarela in Oporto(2011).
She expresses creatively trough photography, installation and animation.
In her photographic work she explores scenic narratives, sequences and composed matrices, moving and isolated figures re-contextualized, marked whit a simplicity to deal with complex themes of human existence. The subject of space due to her formation on architecture also reflects in her work within the interest in the exploration of the formats of presenting the images as photographic compositions, installations, books or schematic maps, as well as exploring the exhibition formats in a dialectic relation between space, work of art, and viewer, in different scales of communication.


ART COLLECTIVE: www.galerianomada.blogspot.com
RESIDENCE PROJECT: www.casaamarelaporto.blogspot.com


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  1. Indeed an astonishing work capacity and a very flexible art language. Pedro you are an inpiration and you work proves it.

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